Curriculum & Requirements

RBM Bible College offers Diploma in General Biblical Studies and Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) with concentration in Religious Studies, Bible & Theology, Missions, and Counseling.

Since both programs are modified study programs, the length of study depends purely on the student’s effort and diligence. These programs provide educational opportunities for individuals whose busy schedule and obligations prevent on-campus classroom attendance.

Admission Requirements.

The programs allow an open-date of admission. A student may enter any program at the beginning of a course.

Spiritual Qualifications.

An applicants must give evidence of having received the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Saviour and Lord, must have an approved Christian character, and a desire to know and to do the will of God in vocational, social and private conduct.

Education Qualifications.

  1. Academic minimum requirement:
    • Certificate courses: KCPE
    • Diploma program: KCSE D+
  2. For those entering the degree program must meet the national University entrance requirements: C and above, or its equivalent.
  3. Individual students who lack these requirements but have additional study beyond their secondary schooling and work experience may be considered. Such applicants will not be eligible for transfer of credits for any course that removes an entrance deficiency.

An applicant may write to the College requesting admission. An application form will be sent, which should be returned to the College duly filled.

The following materials must be received by the Admission Office to complete the application process.

  1. A duly filled application form.
  2. Application processing fee (see fees schedule)
  3. One current passport photograph.
  4. Copies of Secondary School certificates.
  5. Copies transcript from post-Secondary Schools attended.
  6. A hand written personal testimony.
  7. Copy of national identification card

When these materials are received, reference forms will be sent to the referees named on the form.

NOTE: Application materials will not be returned if the applicant is not accepted or wishes to withdraw his/her application. The College is not under any obligation to retain an application if no correspondence has been received within a twelve-month period.

Transfer of Credits.

Students who think that they qualify for transfer of credits must initiate the transfer process by submitting a written application requesting the same. The transfer process involves evaluation of previous work done and arranging to have the concerned Colleges send to RBM Bible College, two official copies of the student’s transcript and course descriptions. To have your previous academic work evaluated by the College, a fee must be paid before this process begins.

If granted a transfer of credit, a further charge per credit hour allowed on transfer will apply (see fees schedule).

However, only a maximum of 30% of the total required credits may be transferred and only credits of grade B and above are acceptable

Graduation Requirements.

In order to qualify for graduation each student must fulfill the specific program requirements stipulated in the respective program. In addition, each student must satisfy the following general requirements.

  • Be persons of integrity.
  • Must complete the required credit hours at this College
  • Settle all financial obligations with the College.
  • Complete a graduation application form and pay the required fee.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50 eligible to graduate.
  • Must attend the graduation ceremony.


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