Bible College

RBM Bible College started its operations in 1982 as RBM School of Ministry. Since then the college has sought to fulfill its vision of training Christian leaders and lay people for ministry. The vision of the RBM Board in starting the college was to fully equip Christians for their different tasks in the Church. RBM Bible College benefitted a lot from collaborating with Rosedale Bible Institute (RBI), now Rosedale Bible College (RBC) for a very long time.

RBM Bible College is currently collaborating with Gulf Coast College and Seminary (GCC&S) as far as curriculum and certifications are concerned. Gulf Coast College and Seminary is located in Panama City, Florida, USA. It has been in existence since 1972. It is registered with the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities and a Charter Member of the Florida Council of Private Colleges.

We are guided by four major purposes:

  1. To offer professional training for Pastors, Evangelists, Educational Directors and those engaged in various forms of Christian services.
  2. To equip Christian leaders with the skills which will make them more effective in their service of the scripture through the life of the Churches and denominations.
  3. To provide cost-effective quality education to all serious Bible students, regardless of the student’s educational level prior to enrolment.
  4. To challenge the students to progress from their present level of learning to the next higher level.

The Mission of RBM Bible College is to provide Bible College level of evangelical education that equips students to grow spiritually and academically and to serve in the Church and society. Our scope includes Kenya and the rest of the English speaking countries

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